Does Lowes or Home Depot Cut Wood for You In 2023? (2023)

When it comes to getting the wood cut into several pieces, it can be quite hard for the woodworkers to find a precise solution for it. Simply said, not every woodworker has massive tools needed for cutting and vehicles due to the resources available and the prices of those essentials. Most of the time, it is actually quite better and more efficient to get things done by a third party. So the question is, does Lowes or Home Depot cut wood for you?

YES, Lowes or Home Depot can cut wood for you, but there are some certain things to keep in mind. Both of the services have their own requirements and preferences that the woodworkers have to consider before proceeding with the task.

So what are those preferences and things that you will have to keep in mind when getting the wood cut from these services? Let’s dive into the details!

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What Size Of The Wood Can You Get Cut From Lowes Or Home Depot?

As for the sized cutting, you will probably not have to worry about anything as both of the stores or services can help you get what you desire. You will surely not have to worry about hassling yourself with the employees, telling them what size of wood you want and why is that crucial. You can just proceed with your chosen wood and let the employee know your exact requirements, and your wood will be cut in that manner. But do note that their saws and machines do have some restrictions. If you require very wide cuts or thick cuts, you will probably have to find another solution for it. Lowes or Home Depot won’t be able to help you out in that case.

Aside from that, if you are willing to have very accurate cuts, you can mark the lines on the wood yourself. In that way, it can be easier for the employees to cut it just as you want. It is always a fascinating idea to keep a tape measurement with yourself whenever you visit Lowes or Home Depot. This is because it will be useful in different situations.

Do Lowes And Home Depot Offer Rough Cuts Only?

The answer to this very question can be quite twisted here. The thing is, as per the policy of both of the services, the customers are only allowed to get rough cuts so that they can easily fit in their vehicle. But you might now be thinking that would happen if you wanted some precise cutting instead of the rough ones? Well, there is a tangling solution for that too, but that solely depends on your luck. And that is why it is not the best possible solution out there.

How Can You Get Project Cuts From Lowes And Home Depot?

What do you actually do when you have to get your work done by someone else to make things easier? You try to be nice, helpful, suggestive, and calm. Well, that is exactly what you will have to do in the case of Lowes and Home Depot if you want to get project cuts that too according to your preferences.


Here are some tips that you can keep in mind if you really want project cuts from Lowes or Home Depot:

  • Make sure to tip a few cents to the employees on your every visit to build a satisfactory relationship.
  • Try to be nice and calm with the employees. If you are bossy or trying to make their work even troublesome, you will have to face the consequences.
  • Prepare all the things beforehand! If you are willing to get all the project cuts, you should mark all the cuts precisely and accurately. Make sure to do it before reaching out to the employee to cut them for you. If you don’t, it will simply waste the time of the employees, and they won’t serve you for longer.
  • Avoid getting the wood cut in rush hours. If there is a long queue of people waiting for their wood to be cut, do you think it is possible to get the project cut as per your likings? Surely not!

So these are all the actual tips that you can follow and see how all the things go for you. Again, the whole scenario is based on your luck, and the results can be different for every case. As the official policy of both of the services states, because of the time consumption, employees cannot really offer project cuts to everyone. So be mindful when trying out the ways mentioned above!

Can You Bring Your Own Wood To Lowes/Home Depot?

One of the most asked and confusing questions for the woodworkers is, can you actually bring your own wood to Lowes or Home Depot? Well, the answer is yes! You can certainly bring your own wood to Lowes and Home Depot to get it cut down without any problems. But there are some things that will affect the scenario.

You will have to pay for each cut you get from them; not only that, but the wood type will also affect the pricing and the whole process. It is better to simply buy any type of suitable lumber or project board and then get it cut. If you go the opposite direction, both of the services can also refuse to cut the wood down due to the risk of damage involved and the equipment available.

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Can You Buy Wood From Lowes or Home Depot, And Is It A Good Idea?

As you have read above, you can bring your own wood to Lowes or Home Depot to get it cut. But what if you want to purchase the wood from them? Is that option available? Well, Lowes or Home Depot might be the best places to buy the wood from due to the prices. The prices of different woods and project boards are relatively lower than the other services. And that is what attracts most of the buyers.

So if you think you should buy wood from Lowes or Home Depot, you should definitely go for it. And if we talk about the quality, the quality of wood both of them offer is pretty good. You can even check the wood yourself at the store to make sure everything is good and well.

But there is one thing you will have to keep in mind. Lowes or Home Depot only offers different types of lumbers and project boards and not any other type of wood. But still, you will have different options along with different sizing varieties to get the things done accordingly.

Can You Get Your Wood Delivered From Lowes/Home Depot To Your Workplace?

One of the best and most feasible things about Lowes or Home Depot is that both of them offer the option of delivery to their customers. Not only that, but you can get your wood delivered on the same day if ordered before the specified time. Other than that, you can go with the option of next-day delivery or standard delivery as per your preferences.

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Home Depot and Lowes also offer nationwide free delivery to the residents of the United States on a specified amount. As for the international customers, they will first have to confirm all the things with the store like import tax, shipping urgency, or quantity ordered.

Can You Expect Professionally Precise Cuts From Lowes/Home Depot?

Unfortunately, this is where I will have to break the ice for you. If you are expecting that you will ultimately get precise cuts from those services, then you might be wrong. The cuts offered by Lowes or Home Depot are accurate enough, but they do not really offer the premium finish you would want.

So it is better to get the final finishing done by yourself through the options available. as it is certainly not going to happen through the services mentioned.

How Much Lowes Or Home Depot Charge For Every Cut, And Do They Offer Free Cuts?

If you have bought lumber or project board from Lowes or Home Depot, you will get the first or probably the first two cuts for absolutely free. But if you want to go the extra mile with the cutting, you will have to start emptying your wallet. As for the pricing, it depends on the store itself and the city it is located in. You can actually expect to pay anywhere between $0.20-$1 for a single cut.

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Well, that is all you would want to know about Lowes and Home Depot to understand how they work. Just actually keep in mind that if you can maintain your cool with the employees, you will get quite great results in the end. So make sure to follow all the guidelines and be reasonable with everyone to get exactly what you want.


Will Lowes or Home Depot cut wood for you? ›

Purchase your lumber from Lowe's in order to score free wood-cutting services before you take it home. Home Depot will also cut wood for free, but there are some limits to their services. For example, you only get two cuts each on up to 10 pieces of wood.

Will Lowes cut wood for me? ›

We make your projects easy. We can cut lumber, mini-blinds, pipe, rope, chain and more. Lowe's also offers free pipe threading and cutting for any size of galvanized or black iron pipe.

How much does Lowes charge to cut wood? ›

Most of you already know that Lowe's offers free wood cutting. I have taken advantage of this many times, having them cut my boards and sheets of wood into various shapes and sizes because I didn't own the proper tools and/or vehicle to transport them home.

Will Home Depot cut your wood for you? ›

Get your wood cut twice for free at Home Depot.

Take your lumber of choice to the wood cutting station and ask for up to two cuts of wood for free on up to 10 different pieces of lumber. TIP: Ask where to find the pieces of leftover wood from other customers' cuts.

How much does Home Depot charge for cutting wood? ›

How much does it cost for Home Depot to cut your wood? Home Depot will give you a few cuts completely free when you purchase wood in store. After around 5 cuts, you can expect to pay around $. 25 per cut, unless you make friends with the associate.

How many boards will Lowes cut? ›

Most Lowes locations will do 1 cut per board purchased in their store that day for free. Some stores will do 2 cuts. If you go asking for more cuts than that, some stores will charge a dollar or less per additional cut.

Where does Lowes get their lumber? ›

Lowe's long-term goal is to ensure that all wood products sold in our stores originate from well-managed, non-endangered forests. Lowe's Wood Sourcing Policy is intended to inform the public and suppliers of our philosophy and commitments.

Will Lowes cut lattice for you? ›

Lowe's can only lumber cut in straight cuts, and they cannot make angled cuts or cut the wood into circles or holes. However, Lowe's does have a pre-cut lumber lattice available for purchase, if you don't have the necessary tools. In addition to their services, they also offer free pipe threading [1].

Is it cheaper to cut your own lumber? ›

Milling the lumber yourself is faster and cheaper for an enthusiastic hobbyist. You'll make better use of your own resources in the process.

What is Lowe's 1 800 number? ›

How much does it cost to cut plywood at Home Depot? ›

Home Depot will cut plywood for you and for free as long as you bought it from the store. Home Depot employees will cut the first ten to fifteen cuts for free before asking for a 50-cent charge for each cut. If your woodworking project is small or you just need the tool once, you can opt to rent the equipment instead.

Will Menards cut wood for you? ›

Just like Lowe's and Home Depot, Menards stores will cut wood for you in most cases. While the cost will vary from store to store, it generally costs around $1 to $2 per cut. Additionally, Menards will cut wood purchased from other stores – whereas many other stores won't.

Does Lowes have free scrap wood? ›

Both Home Depot and Lowe's have a scrap wood pile where you can find discounted wood that's perfect for your next Pinterest project. They'll also cut your wood for free, so don't hesitate to take advantage of this awesome service.

Does Home Depot do circular cuts? ›

No, Home Depot will only cut wood for you at a right angle. They do not make curved cuts. The saw they use is called a panel saw and it only cuts at straight right angles. They don't make precision, mitered, compound or curved cuts.

Will Home Depot help you load your car? ›

Pro Loaders are in-store associates dedicated to loading your truck, flatbed, trailer or shop van with the supplies you need to get the job done. They have the skills, equipment and knowhow to take loading concerns off your hands and help you get back to what you do best. Pro Loaders are at the ready.

What is the easiest wood to cut? ›

Poplar. As one of the softest hardwoods, poplar is very easy to shape and cut. It's inexpensive compared to other hardwoods as well. Poplar isn't the most attractive wood, with a white appearance streaked with brown or green.

What is the fastest way to cut wood? ›

Use a reciprocating saw.

Reciprocating saws are often used for demolition work instead of building work. This is because they are most suited to making quick and 'rough' cuts.

What is the most efficient way to cut wood? ›

Drill presses are best, especially if the wood is thicker than an inch or so, but even a hand drill can work depending on the kind of cut you want to create. This method is really only effective if you want a cut line – though you can use to the drill to cut more than one straight line to get the desired shape.

Why doesn t Lowes sell Milwaukee? ›

The companies did not renew their supplier relationship for 2008. At the end of the agreement, the retailer owed Milwaukee Electric more than $1.2 million, the suit says. Lowe's issued itself payment credits in that amount, which Milwaukee Electric alleges were unauthorized and improper.

Can you return a cut board to Lowes? ›

Return Policy

If you're not completely satisfied with your Lowe's purchase, simply return the merchandise to any Lowe's store in the US. Most new, unused merchandise can be refunded or exchanged with proof of purchase within 90 days of the original purchase date, unless noted in our Return Policy Exceptions.

Can you cut multiple boards at once? ›

Cut Multiple Boards at the Same Time

The second way to make repetitive cuts it to “gang cut” or cut multiple boards at the same time. To do this, stack the boards with their ends flush and then cut through all the pieces with one cut. The upside is that you get perfectly even cuts.

Where is wood cheaper Home Depot or Lowes? ›

Based on reviews and pricing, we believe the better deal is at Lowe's. While Home Depot is cheaper, it appears you'll get more bang for your buck at Lowe's.

Is it cheaper to buy lumber from Lowes or a lumber yard? ›

Better Prices

In many cases, your local lumber distributor is less expensive for one reason – specialization. Lumber yards are well-versed in the business of wood and how to purchase it at a good price. Prices always vary with different types of wood, but you can be sure your local lumber yard is competitive in price.

Why is wood from Lowes wet? ›

Your pressure-treated wood may feel wet because of waterborne chemicals in the wood's pores introduced during the wood treatment for moisture resistance. So, when dispatched, the wood may feel wet and heavy.

Will Home Depot cut wood lattice? ›

Q:Can it be cut to size in store? A: Hello Jeff, The Home Depot team of PRO associates is always happy to help a customer with making a few cuts. If you need more than that, though, some locations might charge you twenty-five cents per cut.

What kind of saw do you use to cut wood lattice? ›

This Old House recommends the use of a saber or circular saw for this project. In addition, if your project's size can fit within the standard dimensions of lattice (usually 4 feet x 8 feet), it will make it easier.

Does Lowes cut plexiglass to size? ›

Thinking of purchasing Plexiglass sheets at Home Depot or Plexiglass at Lowes? This is not the thin film masked material you see there. They don't cut and frankly, we are less expensive and offer an array of services so you get exactly what you want. Square, rectangle, trapezoid, circle - you draw it, we can cut it!

What is the most stable cut of lumber? ›

Rift Sawn lumber is the most dimensionally stable cut of lumber available. Often Rift Sawn and Quarter Sawn lumber is combined in flooring – better known as Rift & Quartered.

Is rough cut lumber cheaper than store bought lumber? ›

Rough cut lumber is known to be cheaper than treated lumber. However, it is quite a bit more to haul and deliver because it is heavier than treated lumber. But if you are picking the lumber up yourself, it will almost always be cheaper.

Is it better to cut wood wet or dry? ›

Wet Wood Vs Dry Wood

But wet wood is actually much easier to cut than dry wood. With dry wood lacking moisture content, more friction is created as the chainsaw chain comes into contact with the wood fibers. This friction results in the chain slowing down.

What wood is not good for cutting boards? ›

Wood that are too hard - Hardwoods like mahogany, teak, or rosewood (too hard) are not acceptable choices for cutting boards. 2. Soft woods - Avoid all softer woods such as pine or cedar. These woods tend to splinter easily, and they're too porous so they harbor bacteria more easily.

Is it easier to cut fresh or dry wood? ›

Dry Wood Is Typically Easier to Split

Regardless of the tree species from which it was harvested, dry wood contains less moisture, so there's less resistance when cutting and splitting it. An ax or log splitter blade will easily cut through dry wood thanks to its low moisture content.

Who is the top person at Lowes? ›

Led by Chairman of the Board, President and CEO Marvin Ellison, this team works for our associates, customers and communities.

How to get a human at Lowes? ›

Over the Phone: Call 1-877-GO-LOWES, and our Customer Care associates will assist you in setting up your installation.

What is a Lowe's Pro customer? ›

Since 1946, Lowe's has maintained a focus on serving “Pro” customers, a group that includes contractors, repair remodelers and specialty tradesmen, as well as property management and facility maintenance professionals.

Will Lowes cut plywood for me? ›

Lowe's does offers plywood cutting services to make your life a little bit easier. All you need to do is pick out the piece of plywood you want and ask a staff member to cut it for you. They'll use a large industrial saw to make the cuts you need, so it's certainly a lot easier to let them do it for you.

What does ply mean in plywood? ›

A ply refers to a layer of veneer used to create plywood's various thicknesses. More ply creates a thicker and stronger board. Plywood has an odd number of plies and needs at least three plies. Although specialty plywood can have any number of plies above three, most plywood is categorized as 3-ply, 5-ply or multi-ply.

Is plywood cheaper? ›

Plywood is manufactured by gluing wood veneers under pressure to create one board. It's cheaper and comes is larger sizes than solid wood, making it ideal for cabinets and shelves. Solid wood is cut directly from trees and is more expensive, however wooden objects are considered unique and of higher quality.

What do carpenters cut wood on? ›

The hand saw is the one preferred by traditional carpenters as they can control the cut while producing a great finish. Because this tool has many variations, the hand saw is always a useful tool to have with you. There is traditional saw, hacksaw, coping saw, and rip saw among others.

Does Menards have a scrap wood pile? ›

Menards does not cut wood, although some stores have a self-serve miter saw station available.

Will Lowes cut my wood? ›

We make your projects easy. We can cut lumber, mini-blinds, pipe, rope, chain and more. Lowe's also offers free pipe threading and cutting for any size of galvanized or black iron pipe.

How many cuts will Home Depot do for free? ›

Get your wood cut twice for free at Home Depot.

Take your lumber of choice to the wood cutting station and ask for up to two cuts of wood for free on up to 10 different pieces of lumber.

Does Lowes cut wood to size for free? ›

How much does Lowes charge for cutting wood? Most Lowes locations will do 1 cut per board purchased in their store that day for free. Some stores will do 2 cuts. If you go asking for more cuts than that, some stores will charge a dollar or less per additional cut.

Does Lowes have free lumber? ›

Yes, Lowe's delivers lumber, and they charge a $79 fee to do so; this is $34 more than their standard delivery fee. Lowe's doesn't do free lumber delivery, but you can reject pieces and get replacements free of charge. Lowe's lumber delivery service is most cost-effective if you're placing a large order.

Can Home Depot cut wood in a circle? ›

Home Depot will only cut wood at a straight right angle. The don't cut curves, shapes or make miter cuts. Home Depot doesn't make precision wood cuts.

Is it cheaper to cut your own wood? ›

Milling the lumber yourself is faster and cheaper for an enthusiastic hobbyist. You'll make better use of your own resources in the process.

What is the best saw for beginners cutting wood? ›

What is the best saw for a beginner? We usually recommend a miter saw for beginners. It's very easy to use and you can make several projects with just this saw. Coming in as a close second for the best saw for a beginner is a circular saw because it's so versatile.

What is the point of a lattice on a house? ›

A lattice on a house is an openwork decoration that is usually made of crisscrossed wood, iron plate bars, or other materials arranged in either a diagonal or square pattern. These are typically seen on windows, doorways, walls, and furniture in order to provide both aesthetic appeal and structural support.


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