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Jahmiel & Week.Day Lyrics "We Alone" Yeah, yeah Nah, nah, nah Dem say patients is a virtue But who shall we turn to (We Alone) Yeah hmmm yeah Yuh nuh see a we alone Look how hard we try, nobody hear we cry Dem no care fi I Yow a we alone Been through di storm When di rain dissolve, we saw no one

Jahmiel - Winning Lyrics
Jahmiel Lyrics "Winning" Tru Ambassador Music Week Day (Week Day) Yo, Jahvy (Jahvy) Yeah Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh... Yeah I'm only human, of course me feel bad at times (bad at times) But all the shit people have to say And even though those words They cannot drain my energy (energy) I gotta stay focused in my mind 'Cause I know they wanna see me fall

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Jahmiel - U Me Luv Lyrics
But so much mean nothing if me nah have you girl, me suffer. 'Cause girl a you me love, you me love. What kind a other girl you come and tell me 'bout. No, no, no, girl a you me love, you me love. A no words alone, me action speak loud. Yeah. It doesn't make no sense me leave, 'cause you're the match for me.

Jahmiel - Strongest Soldier Lyrics
Tell dem a the strongest soldiers get the hardest fight (hardest fight) And a the realest people live the hardest life (hardest life) Sun always shine, even after the darkest nights (hey) So better days are on the way-ay-ay, uh huh. Man get whole heap a love, whole heap a hate. Whole heap a snakes behind faces. 'Cause time show it.

Jahmiel - Mama Lyrics
Ghana, Gambia, Stonebwoy, Africa ah ah, Great Jahmiel, Bhim! Lemme tell you a story, about this life of mine Before the glory, glory, it was hard in those times My mama told me, told me, hey son, no, don't you ever let go, no, no Yeah, I cry, I cry, I cry, I cry when I felt there was no hope But as long as I'm alive, hey mama, don't you worry, no

Jahmiel - Years To Come Lyrics
Jahmiel Lyrics "Years To Come" Hmm-mmm, yeah ah, ah, ah - ah, yeah Yuh see the stone weh the builder refuse Become the head corner stone Whole heap a fight we get just true a we alone (Just true a we alone) Dem think a win dem a win when dem see me downfall Tell dem a build man a build 'Cause everything start small

Jahmiel - Another Day Lyrics
Another day I a try fi find a better way Stressed out and forget to pray But Most High, me know I'm nothing without you I a try fi find a better way Stressed out and forget to pray But Most High, me know I'm nothing without you Another day, another storm Youth weh young, rise the gun Take one of him man Police run yah down, shot inna cerebellum

Jahmiel - The World Lyrics
A just some people inna it. Do too much evil inna it. And sometimes me feel like me just no waan deh yah. 'Cause it hurt my heart. When another real one life lost. And lef' evil inna this. So sometimes me feel like me just no waan deh yah. Haffi live careful, though we no fearful. Nuff no waan fi see you happy.

Jahmiel - Mind Games Lyrics
And mi see it from di other day. Father, mi give thanks to mi sanity. Still nah sell out fi nuh vanity. 'Nuff a dem have di realest talk on di duttiest heart. Mind game dem ah play. Yeah, wi see di tricks, dem up yuh sleeve. Chat a bagga ting, I'm in di opposite. Waan fi see yuh dead and talk seh dem love how yuh live.

Jahmiel - Wanna Be Free Lyrics
So fi rain every day, you me go think a true mi black A took a likkle that clock, tic toc Wanna be free, oh, oh Wanna be free, Fras Twinz Wanna be free, Jahmiel Wanna be free I can't take this no more No more-ore-ore Wanna be free at last What about the poor Whoa, oh, oh, oh Wanna be free at last I wanna be free, free-ee-ee Wanna be free at last

Jahmiel - Long Distance Love Lyrics
But me woulda waan fi see you day and night. 'Cause me love you, me, me love you. And even though you take the plane it's above you. A nuh cloud nine me bring you one thousand. Higher than crush with Rosé Moet. I'm in need of your love. But you're so far away. And I need you here with me. I'm in need of your love.

Jahmiel - 7 Times Rise Lyrics
Jahmiel Lyrics "7 Times Rise" Jah Jah Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, I Jah Jah walk with I and I Badmind gwaan pree we, yeah Gwaan pree, we Gwaan pree we, yeah Gwaan pree we Prepare fi anything We no fear the enemies A dem seh seven time rise, seven man fall Seven nine rise and mi still stand tall

Jahmiel Me no know why me rate you so much... Me think a the things you do, 'way before me buss You show me love, yeah Today we're good, tomorrow she disappear (disappear) Wonder why me still a care? Feel like fi give up sometimes... But your sexy body, mek me still a steer When we link up you say the right stuff (yeah)

Jahmiel - We Feel The Pain Lyrics
We feel the pain (yeah) Yeah, yeah. The system nah no heart. So me no waan you tek dem serious when dem talk. A better fi me and you that dem no win. 'Cause when dem keep we down, no we dem profit off a. No trust dem food, youth, you better you go plant. Inject dem chemicals fi and let dem last man shot.

Jahmiel - Day To Day Lyrics
Jahmiel "Day To Day": Yo, Rocky Media Yeah Flip a dollar, mek it bigger, wi fi richer Eight figure, pull up ... Jahmiel Lyrics "Day To Day" Yo, Rocky Media Yeah Flip a dollar, mek it bigger, wi fi richer Eight figure, pull up inna bare Bimma When mi 'memba about di one room we were raised inna Mi seh mi pocket haffi phat, it couldn't stay ...

Jahmiel - Empty Promises Lyrics
Strictly empty promises. Our leaders need to be led yeah. Hungry need to be fed yeah. They talk but deh is no action. Strictly empty promises. Yo Bing. Ano like seh mi waan Depend pon nobody. Mi try look a work But there's none for mi. Mi nuh grow wid a rich Mommy or Daddy.

Jahmiel - Good Times Lyrics
AZLyrics J Jahmiel Lyrics album: "Legend" (2022) Worthy To Be Praised Story Of My Life Legend Mind Games Irreplaceable Beautiful Grown Ups Day To Day Viva La Vida Set Me Free Good Times Too Far So Close 7even Time Rise Empty Promises Africa You May Also Like Teejay - "Feel It" Force it in Na, na, na She call me name and say, "Why? Oh why?"

Jahmiel - Little Voice Lyrics
Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Troyton, Jahmiel Yeah yeah yeah So i was told, feel a next devil, a nitch level Tryna bring you down (HEY), oh oh oh oh Nothing is the same no more Is like me nuh enjoy fame no more (fame no more) Jah ah never wanna see man grateful Cah the pot used to empty, now the plate full Me give thanks but so much envy, So much …

Yeah time a the master And am so sure Dem smile in a yo face and go sit behind close door Dem waan yo lose yo way after we've been so poor (Repeat) (3) Gi dem the strength when dem week Man meck dem endz meet Never know dem selfish Mi think wi have one dream (Repeat) Submit lyrics correction → 55k Like Jahmiel - True Colours In the Know

Jahmiel - Still Not Over You Lyrics
Jahmiel Lyrics "Still Not Over You" A little more time Yeah, yeah Hey I don't want you to leave I just want you next to me It's so easy for you to make my day Looking at that smile upon your face Got me feeling some type a way Girl, I'm missing your energy I wish you were mine again Am I too late? Was it too long? She's already gone

Jahmiel - Smile A While Lyrics
Jahmiel Lyrics "Smile A While" Smile a while And give your face a rest (Ha-ha-ha-ha) You see it Yo, Bing It d'even mek no sense fi secure we yah man We just haffi accept the situation Fi what it is and move forward 'Cause look at us now Heh (yeah) Oh, it feels good working so hard

No, no, no girl a you me love, you me love, a nuh words alone mi actions speak loud. You're my everything, everything I need. You bring melodies, melodies I sing (I sing) U me love (U me love) Oh oh, oh oh. You me love (love) You me love, oh oh oh. You me love, everything i need. You bring, melodies, melodies i sing.

Jahmiel - Give Thanks for Life Lyrics
Mmmm mmmm mm Yeah Life treat me good So me I give thanks me appreciate Thing coulda much worst yoh Fros Thing get better now Ma pressure get lesser now Now want it reach the one want it reach them pon where I go Life is more than being ungrateful For some no reach nowhere Might know where everything we want But it is all yesterday So my I give …

Jahmiel - Waiting Lyrics
Dem tell mi when mi buss every girl ago easy fi Get (easy fi get) But she nuh watch dat The way the move she mek mi really forget, Yeah It′s like the more I wait is the more I want you, Uh huh She know she beautiful, but mi know me a star Too, uh huh And I'm not used to this waiting But for your love I′ll be anticipating It's like the more I …

Jaheim - I've Changed Lyrics
Jaheim Lyrics "I've Changed" (feat. Keyshia Cole) I'm not wildin out like I used to I dont do the things I used to no more I've changed for you Lookin' back I thought I would never love like this broke so many hearts before I changed for you [Keyshia] I don't do the things that I used to do nomore Everything that you do I adore

JAHMIEL - ALL NIGHT RIDDIM ALBUM LYRICS All Night Riddim Album Jahmiel - All Night Riddim Album Artist: Jahmiel Album: All Night Riddim 0 embed Do you like this album? Leave a review. In the Know All Music News » Popular Jahmiel Lyrics

Jahmiel - Waiting Lyrics Artist: Jahmiel Album: Crown Love Riddim Heyo! SONGLYRICS just got interactive. Highlight. Review: RIFF-it. RIFF-it good. Hey, Russian Uh huh, uh, uh Yeah-eh Dem tell mi when mi buss every girl ago easy fi get (easy fi get) But she nuh watch dat The way the move she mek mi really forget, yeah

Jahmiel - Better Tomorrow Lyrics. ) I see the shadow Waan stop mi foot fi mi swallow Mi want a better tomorrow But when mi walk them a follow (1) Boogie, the waan si mi pon ... No way them no waan mi si a brighter day Mi a ask most high fi protect Shawn When you si mi a close mi eyes a bright Them a talk up seh mi apply stuff Babylon run in and ...

(Jahmiel talking) Notnice you have yo puppet dem a sing a bag a diss song Tell dem find a fking hit song And stop sing fiction You si mi a seh Man work hard Dem puy deh cyaa get no hype off a mi Know that Done know a feelings you a carry True mi never sign the contract But member you did tell mi seh mi lose mi talent G So weh the badman thing ...

They will see your strength and know you will make ot one day and never motivate you, dem nuh waan you reach no where So you got to believe in yourself Got to believe in yourself You got to believe in yourself Got to believe Seanizzle, am seeking a brighter day Better days are on the way Suh mi nuh listen weh dem a say The hard times soon gone ...

N' when they bang this in the club baby, you gotta get up. Thug niggas, drug dealers yeah they givin' it up. Low life, your life boy we livin' it up. Take a chance that's why we dancin' in the party fo' sho'. Slip my ho a forty four n' she crept in it back do'. Bitches lookin' at me strange but you know I don't care.

Jahmiel - Things Keep Happening Lyrics
Lyrics for Things Keep Happening by Jahmiel. Type song title, artist or lyrics

Jahmiel - True Colours Album Artist: Jahmiel Album: True Colours 0 1 True Colours embed Do you like this album? Leave a review. In the Know All Music News » Popular Jahmiel Lyrics

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